Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finally - Forward Progress

It has been a busy week!! I have been to Barrie every single day for one appointment or another, I've been picking Kyle up from work in Alliston (long story made short - he gets a ride with his girl friends mom. Yeah, I saw that writing on the wall. Mercifully he's got a ride again!!) and my obsession with finding the perfect Sweet Spot has had me ripping reknitting swatching on the fly to the point where I was seriously considering tossing it in a corner for Mischief to sort out. But you know me, there is not a yarn that I won't master with enough time - I'm nothing if not persistent!! We're back on point and with a Launch My Line marathon on Global Reality today I'm totally going to make massive headway. Crap ... unjinx!!!!

So, that being said China Clouds ... I'll go hard-core on her on Sunday. Elise's socks - getting there. I've been working on some simple scarves as my "waiting room" projects.

I got in to see my family Dr. and she sent me for an ECG which the tech said
was good and she is going to get me hooked up with the Holter monitor. It'll probably take a couple of weeks (really?!?) but that's okay, my heart is apparently taking the arrhythmia in stride so I can wait.

I've also waiting for a referral to a dermatologist to take a look at this.
I know, it doesn't look like much which is why so many people end up losing their thumbs, big toes or their lives because it seems like such a silly little thing to go to a Dr with. It could be caused by a lot of things - chemo being one of them - but the fact that it is only on a single digit is a red flag. I really hope that it isn't a melanoma but my research1 and research2 would indicate that it verily could be; I'm just praying that if it is it's been caught soon enough to spare the thumb. An opposable thumb is what separates me from lower forms of life!! Okay, confession ... and because I need it to knit. I seriously didn't need something else to think about but at least I have the time to deal with it expediently. I don't know if I would have really paid attention to it had I been working and getting my nails done. Okay, this might be the single benefit to naked nails. It really knocked me on my ass when I first looked it up - I really thought that it would be some sort of deficiency or deposit that I could take a supplement for - but I'm okay-ish with it now. I'm not obsessing about it, it's not occupying my every waking moment but it's hard to ignore.


  1. Lordeee! How can you ignore your thumb? Let it be no big deal. let it be no big deal. Until you know, knit on in hope and celebration of what you have right now.

    Looking forward to China Clouds all finished.

  2. That's one of the mantras I've been using Roxie ... knitting has been pulling me through one stitch at a time, I've got enough yarn for a lot more. May the Fates be kind, but I'm ready!!