Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back, Another Step Forward

With a few stutter steps along the way.
So after checking the size and # of sts (geez, there
are only 2 sizes but I'm a measure once cut twice measure twice cut once kinda gal) yesterday I was off to the races on the rev st border. Until I started on the intarsia chart - why were there leftover sts on the body portion??? Because I cast on for the large size instead of the small. Really good thing there wasn't actual cutting involved!! Rip it out, re-knit it and tink back a several times because I knit instead of purled or forgot the decreases. At the end of the day the border is done but it took a whole day instead of half that time. Sigh. Shake it off ... going to knit on some nice, easy socks before bed.

BTW - how do you eat your Smarties?


  1. Chemo does muddle the thought processes. It's a well-established fact. So you can make all the mistakes in the world and blame them all on the chemo, rather than own up to casual inattention or chronic distractability. I have a friend who has always been a drifty flake, but now she has an excuse. And you've NEVER been a drifty flake, so you'll get all that focus back with your return to health. Doesn't happen overnight, though.

  2. I sorganize my smarties into colours - then eat the smallest group first - up to the largest group -- like on your last photo I'd eat tghe brown pink and orange first, then the red and blue, and save the 3 green for the last mouthful - I know, too much effort into eating smarties, but somehow it works for me LOL!!!

  3. sorganize - a total typo but it sort of makes sense - smarties organize = sorganize !!!

  4. Ooooh, how frustrating that knitting would be! Glad you taught it who's boss. As for smarties, I eat whatever comes out of the box first. LOL

  5. Sorry about the rip out, but been there, done that, wrote the book.
    I like to pop several smarties in mouth and let them melt about half way then crunch and munch.