Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Mission Accomplished!!!

I finished my overdyed Koigu Kersti On The Easy Side sweater that was my #1 goal for the NaKniSweMo. There were way more stitches than it would appear with all of the on-the-needle swatching & re-knitting that I did!! You can definitely see the lighter yarn on the sleeves - again, it just deepens my appreciation for the yarn dyers out there who can predictably replicate their awesome yarns. This has sated my dyeing desires for a bit but I'm sure that I'll feel the urge ... someone better warn Buffy!!!

I also finished China Clouds, knit 3 scarves for my Dr.'s secretary & nurse who have been awesome squeezing me in to see the Dr. & helping me out through some of the chemo drama and for one of my best friends who has been an super supportive, and banged out a pair of mittens for Amanda this past weekend.

Phew!! December is not likely to slow me down ... I'll share what I can but some things are still Top Secret! Yeah, you know the drill ;-).

I got a Rx for Arthrotec - it has totally taken care of the crippling bone/joint pain that I was suffering in my legs and the excruciating stomach pains. The drugs in the chemo therapy affect the faster replicating cells in our body - hair follicles and stomach linings are at the top of the list. My fingers are crossed that the subsequent treatments are controlled by the Arthrotec and don't get worse ...
I've got a bit of an eye infection that I have drops for. Irritatingly, the eyelashes on my right eye have mostly come out as a result so I have unbalanced eyelashes. SIGH, it's the little things.
I've also noticed that I don't get "sleep sand" in my eyes in the morning anymore. I guess that the chemo is totally cleansing my body ... how bizarre. My eyes also water constantly, which is annoying.


  1. It's really helpful that you are sharing all the side effects. You are not whining or asking for sympathy. You are giving us information to prepare us for our inevitable encounter with chemo, if not for oursleves, then for someone we know and care about. Hooray for good drugs!

    The sweater rocks! and you are knittinglike a machine in high gear. Awesome!

  2. Nice looking sweater (and model!) chemo is cleansing - that's a different way of putting it...

  3. Wow, that's a great sweater! It looks argyle patterned. I have tremendous respect for how upbeat you are and posting detais is such a good thing. Others can see and realize it's not as scary as it could be. the known is always better than the unknown. Brava!