Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No Bad News Today

China Clouds progress = excellent!!! I'm almost at the armhole shaping of the back - I might really get this done this month!!!
I am at the halfway point on my On The Easy Side sweater. It weighs 302g which contradicts the 2 part of balls #5 & 6 (which weigh 26g) that I'm on. So I should be good to take out a dark skein & a light skein (I still have 2 light-ish skeins and I only need one for the end of the 2nd sleeve) and still be able to finish the sweater. The extra 28g won't be problematic - as soon as I hit the spot on the 2nd sleeve where the light skein needs to be introduced I'll switch to the light skein.

I totally forgot to show you the Signature Needle Arts sock blockers
that I received as a gift!! My love for Signature needles is quite well known so this was totally the perfect gift - I can't wait to finish a pair of socks!

AND I won a contest!! It turns out that 800 is my lucky number! Amanda helped me to pick out Vacation as our colourway. You all also know about my love for handdyed yarn so this was a completely excellent win!! Amanda has requested mittens ... she also wants a slouchy winter hat.


  1. China Clouds is a tour de force! What a masterpiece.

    Your sweet-spot sweater is coming along quite nicely, and the Holiday yarn will make a stunning hat and mittens! Lucky girl! (Doncha just love Knit Picks?)

  2. China Clouds always blows me away. And how slouchy a hat for Amanda? I adore my Sockhead hat...

  3. Her brother paid $50 for a slouchy hat that she wants replicated. Sigh I'll put Sockhead to her, but it might be too slouchy. I'm discovering that 13 is all about having the perfect anything.