Sunday, November 14, 2010

Watching TAR17 with Wannietta - part le 8

Argh - missed the first 20 mins - Amanda was working on homework.

So ... teams are on their way to Jebel Shams where a driver will take them up the mountain to the next clue.
Guess asking for help wasn't such a horrible thing, was it Chad?
"Shut up!" Really Nick?? Vicki just confirmed that they were going the right way - a little Karma goes a long way dude. Hating on Nick a lot right now.
Chad & Stephanie are the first team to arrive at Jebel Shams.
Gary isn't sure that Mallory is navigating properly.
Road Block - Who wants to add a little magic to their lives?
Someone must repel down the mountain then look among hundreds of lamps for one containing Aladdin's magic ring which they deliver to the shaman for their next clue.
Chad is going to look for the magic.
Jill is going for it despite a fear of heights.

Argh - missed about 4 minutes ...

Nick & Vicki's cab has a flat - Nick is freaking out of course.
Chad & Stephanie are at the Detour - filling a water truck then directing the driver to the delivery address.
Gary & Mallory are back on course. Maybe.
Brook & Claire, Nick & Vicki are all on their way to the water trucks.
Kat is on her way down the mountain.
Jill & Thomas actually happen upon the cousin of the person to whom they need to deliver the water & he takes them right there.
They now need to make their way to the Muttrah Souq Market in Muscat and look for a specific vendor who will give them frankincense, then find Ali Babba who will give them their next clue in exchange for the frankincense.
Chad & Stephanie are done the water delivery.
Kat is checking the lamps, then checking them again.

She found a ring!
Sunshine Mallory is going for the magic.
Jill & Thomas have their frankincense and are on the hunt for Ali Babba.
Nick & Vicki are delivering their water as are Brook & Claire.
Mallory has found their ring and they're off!
Jill & Thomas are off to Al Alam Palace - the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.
OMG - they/Thomas paid a cabbie to lead them to a location = 30 minute penalty. They watch while Chad & Stephanie check in first and take the trip to Belize!
I missed Chad & Stephanie getting engaged!!!
Brook & Claire are going the wrong way on a one-way street, the police don't help the traffic situation much by showing up to tell them so.
Gary & Mallory are off to deliver water.
Nick & Vicki are off to the Pit Stop followed closely by Brooke & Claire.
Nat & Kat are delivering their water & on the way to the market. They have their frankincense.
Gary & Mallory have their frankincense.
Both teams are on their way to the Pit Stop ... OMG the tension!!
Nat & Kat are on the mat!!!

#1 - Chad & Stephanie
#2 - Jill & Thomas
#3 - Nick & Vicki
#4 - Brooke & Claire
#5 - Nat & Kat

Good bye - Gary & Mallory

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  1. you missed a ton in the first 20 minutes - Chad proposed to Stephanie! and she said yes! It was cool.