Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tied to the Desk

I'm writing this from the desktop. I'm seriously tempted to leave in all of the spelling mistakes - I'm so used the nice flat keyboard on my laptop that typing on this keyboard is nearly driving me to drink!!

I can't connect to the internet through Etienne and I had to set up a new connection on the desktop. Bell is very quick to blame the Linksys wireless router so, through clenched teeth and most pissed off but not yelling voice I've requested that they send the modem/router that they will actually support when virtual shit hits the virtual fan and leaves me with nothing but expensive paperweights!!

I really hate checking my mail through the Sympatico website - I like Outlook and how I have it set up and I don't do well with change. So I have to suck it up and use the desktop (where none of my passwords are saved - how the fuck am I supposed to remember them all!?! Especially if I'm not supposed to make them all the same!!?!!) but I don't have to like it.

I'm planning on going to In the Loop Cafe tomorrow night for the official launch of Joanne's 12 Months of Knitting. Hope to see you there!!
I'll also be at In the Loop on Saturday, so if you're up for just sitting and knitting with someone, come join me from 10-2-ish!!

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