Sunday, February 24, 2008

CPH - itty bitty step back

I found a small error in the largest (60") size of the CPH pattern. The shoulder shaping on the back is worked 8,8,8,7 and on the fronts it's worked 8,8,8,11. Yup. Unfortunately I didn't realize until I went to join the shoulders.
At first, I took 4 sts from each side of the back neck to make the back shoulders match the front ones. I was 2nd guessing myself all the way through about 3" of the hood - because I took 8 sts from the back neck the hood would be 2" narrower than it should be.
After about the fucktillionth 2nd guess, I ripped out the hood and then the fronts down to where I had put the center cables on hold.
I'm going to use the extra 4 sts on each front to create some neck shaping. I'm totally cool with this so it must be the right decision. I emailed knitscene about this since it wasn't in the revision that they sent out.

And why yes, that is a new knitting basket! It's very lightweight and will be perfect for moving my projects from upstairs to downstairs. No, I didn't have a perfect basket for this. This basket has handles that fold up so that I can carry it easily then fold down so that the knitting is easy.

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