Friday, February 29, 2008

It's That Time Again

I'm working on finishing Beth's CPH and I finally have the Expresscard that I need to hook up my camcorder and (cross your fingers) upload some video. So, to amuse you until a I get a good decent post together check out this quiz:

What kind of Star Trekkie are you?
Your Result: You are a Vulcan or an android.

Your intellegence, and opinions are excepted everywhere. You believe in logic above all else. You are normally in a second in command position. This does not matter, for you are not prone to ambition, or any emotion for that matter. You do not understand other races thought patterns at times, making you seperated from those around you.


Omnipotent being


Red shirt

What kind of Star Trekkie are you?

I would have liked to be more Omipotent, like Sandra, but am sufficiently satisfied with Vulcan/android. Okay, fess up - who's "phaser bait"?
I'm really looking forward to the new Trek movie - hopefully, it being such a departure from the traditional sequel variety it will be excellent!

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