Saturday, February 16, 2008

Globe trotting

I had to get my very 1st passport to come on this trip. I know, but I just a for real homebody. Yes, I do feel quite grown up!

Guess which one of these is not like the others.

I swear to whatever deity you hold on high, we left from Toronto and did land in Chicago, but I swear that we are flying over Alberta here!!!

No worries - this is obviously Chicago's O'hare airport.

Getting from our arrival gate of O'Hare to our Depart gate too a lot of walking; thank God that there were moving sidewalks!! Okay fine - in the interest of full disclosure, I nearly fell the first time getting on it and almost caused an international pile-up getting off, but to my credit, I'm a fast learner and the rest of them were perfectly normal entries and egresses.

After dropping some of our bags in the room (the direct flight that our luggage was on was late, do they were going to deliver it.

So we went for lunch. There is an Olive Garden about to (driving) minutes away and I've been jonesing for the Olive Garden since it left Canada so many, many moons ago. AND SO HAS JODI!! No problem, the hotel calls a cab and we're off. Except that the driver seems a couple of rows short of a dishcloth and went into the hotel to make sure that we were his fare/get directions/give them their cut. We both we getting an ungood feeling about this guy so we went back in and communicated that we wanted another cab.
It turns out that he had been called to take another guest on a bit of a sight see and she was trying to tell them that it was too much. "C'est trop chère!" Not being fluent, but having the less than nothing that the nice girl behind the desk spoke, I helped Ariella (yeah - later it clued in to me that she was the Fastest Knitter from France - and I just let her walk away!) cancel the cab. We still didn't want him and as the cabbie was arguing another cab rolled up. Better, and we went with him with a very low level of confidence that he knew where we were going. He had a GPS unit, but didn't turn it on until I saw the Olive Garden up ahead. Then he turns it on, "destination 1 minute ahead. Turn left. You have arrived at your destination."

But lunch was totally worth it, though my raw vegetable allergie was in full gear and Jodi was just a bit creeped out by my tongue hives. I promise that I'll see the Dr. about it when we get home Jodi.

I caught up on a few messages, IM'ed with the kids - No, still not buying you an ipod - then we had a nap and then it was off to The Mall of America! We got around the 1st level, I bought a camcorder, Jodi found some stuff an
d we're going back today. I'm on a mission for clear Converse shoes and the ones with sheep on them. It's the MOA people - don't let me down!!!

I had to take this picture - surely you see the oxymoronic
quality in there?

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