Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Next Generation

I was invited to speak to & knit with a knitting club at a Barrie school on Friday. Their mentor, Christina O'Neil, had contacted me through my blog and said that the kids had a good luck card and wanted to mail it to me. How could I not go see them & pick it up in person?!?

They had all just learned to knit about 5 weeks ago - Christina started them from casting on. She said that they all went home and did their best and practiced before the next weeks meeting. They were in varying stages of garter stitch scarves but they were all enthusiastic and persevering and loving it! The boys were especially keen and Matthew was talking about turning his scarf into an afghan. When I suggested that he could make several strips (his "scarf" was quite wide) and sew them together, rather than being daunted he got this "aha" look and said, "
That's Cool

They gave me a bouquet of tulips along with the card - tulips are my favourite flower and I really love this soft pink. Thanks guys - knit on!!!

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