Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More with the Knit Out

I was thrilled to meet Maureen from Fargo - she was sitting in the front row watching us demo our knitting for fun (we totally refused to let Mary unpack the clock!!)! Okay, I'm leaning back because the nice lady who took our picture was sitting quite close - big mistake, not a good look on me. But I'm with Maureen!!!

And then I was heading into the mall to get the kids some shoes - I couldn't go home completely empty-handed!! - when someone said, "Wannietta!!" I looked around, and immediately recognized Shelly
- it just took my brain a couple of seconds to send the name to my mouth. I hadn't read her comment earlier in the day so I was totally surprised to see her and The Blankie!!! And while we were making a small spectacle of ourselves and our mutual admiration thang, The Blankie was a knitter magnet!! I'm so glad that I got to meet Shelley and The Blankie - they are both so much, well more in person!!

And Jodi and I bought the last two of these mugs at Starbucks (sorry ladies!). You can write on them with a special porcelain pen, then bake them in a low oven and then it's totally permanent! Je suis désolé que j'aie manqué avoir le signe d'Ariela cela. Mon français limité nous a permis de parler et j'ai été en mesure de traduire pour Mary et l'hôtel dans deux ou trois occasions.

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