Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's Knittin' Time!

I've been helping Sandy in the office the last couple of days (between runs) so my knitting has been minimal. I've finished my errands for today so, to paraphrase The Thing - it's Knittin' Time!!

I did have time to open a few packag
es - look at what I've got!! I ordered a light tent from Olivon Optics and got it about 4 days later!!! I know - freakin' blowed me away! I paid less for the tent and for shipping and got astonishingly excellent customer service. Bonus - they're a Canadian company. As a small aside/update, because of the length of time between my paying for the light tent from that other wretched, cursed, mo-fo company and when they refunded my money, I actually lost $7.00 for not doing business with them. Yeah, I know. I was seriously pissed off but now I can think about it with a disbelieving chuckle. So, here is the new light tent and some yarn that came (did I buy that?). The light tent + my Ott lights really do make the colours come out more true & I love the look of the clean background.I bought the Claudia Hand Paint & Cherry Tree Hill to make socks to go with my new Chucks.

Oh - and the Lobster Pot Whale of a Skein that I won from Woolgirl arrived!! I just couldn't choose a colour so I left it up to Jen & she done good. It's frelling gorgeous - I think that I'll make a hat & mittens, but I just have to find a hat pattern that I really like.

And Amanda ran in a cross-country race on Thursday - out of 53 grade 5 girls she came in 3rd!! The 1st & 2nd place girls were also from her school - I'm sure that Miss Cornfield is just about to burst and that the other schools are inquiring into drug-testing. They practiced very hard for the last few weeks & I'm so glad that it paid off. Run like the wind Amanda!

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