Sunday, October 28, 2007


It started with Fiona's book launch for her Inspired Fair Isle knits on Wednesday night and it just hasn't stopped. Classes (cross stitch & petit point - could these be my new loves?) speed knitting trials (I won Friday and my fastest time this year with the acrylic yarn that they're using is 233 sts), wandering around the show floor and meeting up with new friends and old ones ( Olga!!!)has me exhausted. And yet here it is, 3:01AM and I can't sleep. Even Paul Scheele's Deep Sleep Meditation skills are not up to the task tonight this morning.
I felt the niggling beginnings of a cold yesterday when I woke up, but hopefully sheer determination and the DayQuil that Joan picked up at Shoppers will keep me from debilitating illness for another day. I went to bed early tonight but that's obviously not working so well.

The CSNF is going with a knit-off on Sunday afternoon to determine the Fastest Knitter title and every time that I think of throwing down with the other 2 knitters my heart starts racing & my hands get sweaty! I won't mind not winning as long as I don't utterly embarrass myself (throwing up
from stage fright & knitting about 20 sts rank very high in my nightmares!!) in front of the crowd that the show is trying to drum up.

I've been utterly forgetful about taking pictures. I'll try to cram a whole whack of 'em in tomorrow.

Oh - and for some reason I haven't been able to reply to emails - I can get them & I can get online, but it's a one-way stream apparently - so I haven't been ignoring y'all, I'm just screaming from a sound proof room.
Krista - I'm just not a fan of any knitted pant or skirt because of what happens to knitted fabrics when they are stretched around derrières & knees when you sit. It only has so much resilience and then it's permanently misshapen. Unless you're going to stand up all of the time, then I'm all for them! However, I think that you would look great standing up in that skirt.
Sam - Of course it counts - good on ya!!
Kristina - Oh yeah, I know. LOL I wear dark colours and a towel tied around my neck when I eat curry at home.
Carol - You can't like 'em all. I'll like this one enough for bot
h of us.

No wonder I can't sleep - the bloody city is still awake!!
Halloween parties at the after hours clubs, sirens of all description, people who desperately need ice at 3AM and the wake up booty call in the room beside mine at 2:45. Oh well, I'll try to sleep again and maybe this is a good thing. I just be too tired & bleary-eyed to be a nervous wreck tomorrow.

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