Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Despite a record-breaking Thanksgiving day heatwave, the knitting goes on. I refused to turn on the A/C for one day & especially when that one day is in the middle of October! Turkeys were practically cooking themselves up here.

I have finished 1 of my Waterfall socks with very little to spare. I stayed up way too late because I just couldn't put them down without knowing whether I'd have enough yarn. Well, it wasn't too late because it was a long weekend so I had lots of time for sleeping in the next day. I love them - I did a 2x2 rib (my favourite for socks and most everything), and did 6 pattern repeats on the leg with no stockinette stitch portion (I'm not a fold-down cuff kinda gal). They are my colours, they went fast and they fit perfectly - I went down to a 3mm needle. Check out the wonderful swirly stripe on the sole. It's also on the cuff, but not as visible.

And with this step forward into FO-dom, I take a few steps backwards with these deep and luscious skeins from Sundara Yarn. The Wine over Ruby
sport merino was just because I loved it so much (and now that I know how fast sport weight socks go ...) but the Black over Violet Aran Silky Merino is for a Turtleneck Shrug (by Teva Durham in Scarf Style). It doesn't have quite as much blue as shows up in the picture - it is exactly as it's named - Black over Violet - but with a depth that just begs you to dive in and not be mired in it's depths.

I signed up for Sundara's Seasons Yarn Club - I can't wait to see what "Winter" brings!! I can't imagine being disappointed.

And if you're in Ravelry & want to look me up, I'm "Wannietta". Well, I didn't go there to hide!!

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