Monday, October 22, 2007

Working Much, Knitting Some

Days are blurring into each other. Route verification, garter stitch scarves, spelling bee lists, cable charts, laundry sorting, gauge swatches ... they overlap and run concurrently. I probably have cables in the bus runs (like the maps could be any more confusing!!) and word lists in my tension notes.
Mix in a day trip to London to meet Kim and buy her
Majacraft Saxony and stopping in Kitchener at my cousins to get my (an Amanda's) hair did on the way back.
And trying to get everything that I could possibly need (and a few things that I probably won't, but you can't be too careful) for my 4 - YES!!! FOUR - days away from home while I'm at the CSNF.
Making sure that Amanda has some supervision for Friday (normally I'm all for PA days, but this one is NOT helping me).

All of this on top of everything that I always have to do. And while I will totally enjoy every minute of my time at the CSNF, that too will come to an end with a bang. Kerwyn is jetting off to Vegas for a week right after I get back.

Ah well, I hate being bored so even though this is a bit of overkill, I'll take it.

Oh, Kristina tagged me so I'll do it quick.

Page 161, 5th line of the book that I'm currently reading.

"The owner of the hotel, Monsieur Annaud, had a strong local accent, all flat vowels and nasal consonants." Labyrinth by Kate Moss

I know that these five people read my blog and will likely take the tag & run with it, so Kenny, Julie (don't edit out the good bits!), Sandra, Roxie & Bonne are tagged.

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