Sunday, May 6, 2007

Watching TAR with Wannietta - finale

I don't especially dislike Eric & Danielle, but I don't think that they've done much to win - they just haven't lost. I know, but they just got lucky with the Yields.
The Blondes have raced hard, but I just don't like them.
That leaves Charla & Mirna. Mirna irritates me to no end, she's bossy & condescending but Charla has been a real trooper. Some of the Roadblocks that she has completed and the way that she has had to put up with Mirna 24/7, she deserves to win; and if that means that Mirna get to win to, well, ç'ést la vie.

Geez, rough destination. Hawaii.

Eric is nice & calm - probably used some of the budget for a beer.
Mirna's a tricksy thing!! I'm surprised that the other two teams didn't think to check for another flight out.
Eric & Danielle and the Blondes will be 2nd guessing all flight long.

"Never gonna happen." (Charla & Mirna getting the 1st chopper flight) Never say never Dustin.
or Over
Just because I don't think that I could stand on a board and paddle it, I'd take the underwater one.
You GO Charla!!!
"Charla run!" "You've got to run Charla. It's a race." "Run Charla!" "C'mon Charla!" Now it's nagging Mirna.
Now that is going against the flow.
It's clear to see why people don't recommend it.
3rd change of leader and it's only halfway through the show!
I don't know what boat you were in Dustin, but it was all your way.
Kandice kept suggesting/begging to get back in the boat and paddle and you kept insisting that wading was the best way.

You're in the middle of a large body of water -
you can't really get away from the waves and still fulfill the mission Mirna.
Every week there is a new "worst experience of my life" for Mirna. Poor woman. This is like her own personal "24".
All tied up again.

Heelies - good one Charla!! Amanda keeps asking for those; I keep saying .
This should be good - how well do they know how the other one thinks?

8947, 6747, 4241
Wrong, wrong, wrong
Now the problem is changing the answers without changing the ones that they got right.
Alright Danielle!
5th leader change.
The cabbie
doesn't get a piece of the million - what does he care what's in it for you?
Eric & Danielle
At least it wasn't the Blondes.
Good thing that they've had training at smiling no matter what!
Oh don't worry, we know the real Mirna!!

Pirate Masters looks awesome!! It'll keep me distracted until TAR12 comes out.

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