Thursday, May 31, 2007

Quick Update

Battery Dying - must be quick!! Etienne's AC power cord stopped working - the first battery has been depleted and this one only has 2.57 hours left. The good news is that after some adamant insistence Dell will be sending a new one out for tomorrow. 3 days - considering that I paid for the extended warranty - was just unacceptable!!

I have - thanks to Amanda, official photographer for the Spiders - a lot of pictures. I just have to sit down, edit, file & upload them. Here is one of the 2007 team.
I'm all squinty-eyed - we were facing the sun and after being inside all day I felt a bit like a bear coming out of her cave. Bob actually took this one so that Amanda could be in it!

This is Lorraine's friend Mel who was visiting from Australia.
While she claims no knowledge of knitting and/or spinning, we harbour the notion that she was a spy for the Aussie team(s). Mel was fantastic - she fed us (literally, she actually put the food in our mouths so that we didn't have to stop), she did some row timing so that I'd know if I was slowing down and she took Amanda with her around the pioneer village to see sheep being sheared, cedar shakes being made, butter churning & rope making.

And if you thought that life
in a pioneer village was boring you could be right. Unless a sheep escaped from the shearer - then it was the most exciting thing going on!! Telling visiting children "Don't run after the sheep!!" really didn't work. I mean, what makes you think that children would listen to strangers dressed up as pioneers? I'm not sure what happened in the end - when we left the sheep had fled into the woods and the consensus was that it would probably come back but they hoped that a coyote wouldn't get it. Poor Amanda!!! She was very concerned for the little sheep.

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