Monday, May 28, 2007

Veni, vidi, vici

or more accurately,

Nos venit, nos knit, nos victum (We came, we knit - yeah, you got that one, eh? - we conquered).

We're not supposed to release our results until the end of the competition period, so until June 10th you will have to be content to know that we didn't suck. Actually, we spun & knit the sweater in a better time than last year - 6:51:15.

I'm pretty much still exhausted - the intensity of the physical and mental effort and sustaining that for the entire competition takes it's toll. I'm resting today but should be back to my old self (for better or worse) tomorrow!

Britanny, Roxie & Tammy are the prize winners (I'll e-mail you) - but the Spiders are the real winners having your support!! How 'bout we do it all again next year?

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