Friday, May 25, 2007

Touching Base

I'm still here. My back is feeling much better - thank you for your well wishes! I have been knitting - a lot, honest!! I've been distracted from blogging with some work issues, helping Amanda find back of her closet, the bottom of her drawers and the floor of her room. This has literally taken days of work after school because I refuse to do it all for her.
It's not entirely her fault - she's genetically predisposed to hoarding. Stash by any other name is a mess!! That and the ADHD in her makes cleaning up properly in between activities a hit and miss affair - missing more often than not!
Ah well, by tomorrow things should be fairly tidied - she choose to give a lot of her unplayed with toys to Goodwill and Kerwyn is going to put together a bookshelf for her books, activity books & DVD's tomorrow.

Amanda is going to be the official photograper and DJ for the Toronto Spiders at our B2B Challenge on Sunday.
Apparently there is going to be a 2nd team!!! I know - isn't it exciting?!? A Head-to-Head Back-to-Back. This is definitely a must-see event. Have you blogged it yet? I'm having a contest to help spread the word so that we get a lot of support. Check it out - the contest and the competition!

I've also started a blog for the DKC Knits for a Cure. It will keep everyone apprised of the scarves that we're knitting - all through the year, not just at the Relay for Life -, the sponsors who are making it possible and some of the ladies who are receiving the scarves.

I promise a proper post with pictures of knitting and everything tomorrow. I will do it. I will make the time while I'm waiting for the pork to smoke. C'ya then!!

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