Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Good Morning Mrs. Prescod

Okay, it really wasn't that formal.
I had such a great time at the Frolic! I really love teaching knitting classes. I love knitting so much - everything from choosing the pattern & yarn, the actual knitting and right through the finishing - and to be able to pass on some of the skills & knowledge that I've learned to others really makes me happy. I love it when you can see it on the students' faces - that moment when they really get the technique & you know that they're going to use it!
I was so excited about the teaching part that I forgot to take pictures. I know - I had 2 cameras with me, one even sittin
g on the table in front of me and I totally gapped it until I was packing up! Fortunately Kathleen took some pictures in my Buttonhole class and I stopped the last 4 ladies from leaving my Neckline class. Stephanie (far left) is working the steps in the Crochet Addiction Recovery Program and is finding healing in knitting. I think that she's a natural and will do well with 2 needles (or 1 circular or 5 dpn's).

I didn't buy anything.

I know!!! I was so busy with teaching 3 classes and volunteering that I kind of felt overwhelmed as I walked through the market. There was just so much there that would have made me very happy that I just couldn't wrap my head around making a decision. But I didn't leave empty handed!! I am going to knit Fiber Trends Hydrangea Lace Scarf out of this luscious lace weight silk from Claudia Hand Painted Yarns. The colours in this skein just called out to me. It's a sample for Julie so she certainly had veto power (she generally prefers more neutral, earthy colours), but she was tired by the end of the day and took the path of least resistance and said "sure".
I also won a raffle prize!!
This lovely skein of Fleece Artist sock yarn is teasing me with her fall colours - I think that I will put her to play with my other sock yarn and enjoy spring & summer and bring her back out in a few months.

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