Friday, May 11, 2007

A Late Rainy Season

The Monsoon has finally hit Angus! I know. I love joining clubs & -alongs, but I always end up embarrassingly behind the pack. Not through lack of will and/or desire but you know how it is, work knitting comes first.
The toe was interesting - this is my first toe-up sock so I was quite fascinated. I decided that a ribbed sole my irritate me (I'm a bit of a princess - seams, tags, whatever can drive me insane!) so I did a st st sole and because I wasn't ribbing it I didn't increase from the toe;
I just used the 32 sts for the sole. The good news is that I liked it and knit enough to get my foot wet last night. The bad news is that it was a little big - not quite 'pinching an inch' but enough that I knew that I wouldn't be happy so I took it out. I like my socks quite fitted. I started over, 32 sts in st st for the sole and 32 sts in K2P2 rib (rather than 36 K2P1 rib) for the top of the foot. I hope that I'll have enough to try it on later tonight.

I mostly love the chance to knit pretty much anywhere. It's a bonus when I can knit at a job and get paid for knitting! (Especially if it's work knitting!)
I also have a very willing spirit - if Stock needs me to do a different run, I do if I can. Because of a PA day for the Simcoe County Catholic Board, I did a different morning run and was going to do another different afternoon run. The office called before I set out and let me know that the driver was going to be able to do her own run. Awesome - afternoon off, right? We'll call you back in 5 minutes and let you know. No problem. I was knitting anyway, I'll just continue as I was.
They call back. Not another run. They want me to sit at the New Lowell office and "wait in case something comes up" because Chris had to go out on a run. New Lowell is a satellite office and if a spare bus is needed - due to a breakdown or something - and she's closer than Alliston is, Chris will drive a spare to wherever. But because she's the only one there, if she has to go out she just locks up. I was so mad!! I don't mind being useful, but to be sent to "wait in case something happens"??!! Yes I was being paid (except for travel time) & of course I took my knitting but I would rather be knitting at home, not having had to stop, pack up, drive and settle in again in a dusty office. I would have felt better if "something" had come up, but of course it didn't. I console myself with a visible amount of progress on the left front of Vivacious, but I'm still trying to work through my irritation. I obviously value my time more than Stock does, so I'll just have to "just say no" to such vain endeavours.

I'm off to drown my sorrows in Ice & yarn! Don't forget about The Contest!!

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