Saturday, May 12, 2007

2 steps forward

Taking a step back on the Monsoon sock was totally worth it! So far it's fitting like a glove.
I worked on Vivacious last night and at
gymnastics this afternoon. I am halfway up the widest portion; only 6 more repeats to go.
This is what Mischief does - she jumps up and insinuates herself between me & my knitting. If it's something that I can work on with her beside me, I scooch her over to the right and settle her in between my leg and the arm of the chair. Otherwise it's back on the floor for her.

Not that there isn't a plethora of adventures for her around the house.
Here's a new one - climbing up a chair underneath the slip cover to sleep!! Little psycho!

So that's it - nothing really new, but forward progress nonetheless. I'll have to make some progress to blog about tomorrow since I won't have TAR to blog about!
Good news though - Hell's Kitchen is back on June 4th and Big Brother is back with #8 on July 5th!

And while I'm still happy to take your pledges for Relay for Life, if you're looking for someone else to pledge go see Dorothy.

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