Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In Which Our Heroine Says "Ouch"

or You Can Teach an Old Dog new Tricks but It'll Hurt

or Could I Have an Ice Pack and Some Tylenol3 with that Rum & Coke?

Apparently you use some unique muscles in your back when you ride a bike. And when I say "unique" I mean muscles that you don't use to sit on your ass & drive a bus or knit. And when put into service these muscles will complain. Loudly and painfully. But she
wouldn't be your Heroine if she curled up and cried (even though that was her first second repeating impulse).

The left front of Vivacious is complete and the
back has been started.
eaded strands for Amanda's bedroom doorway were nearly thrown in the garbage untangled.
The Hydrangea Lace Scarf has been started. I couldn't get a nice picture, even with the Ott light, so I'll try again tomorrow with some natural light.
I started a new project for Elise - a child's sweater called Radiant Rays. This one is done in the round. and since it's so small I just started on it. The gauge is a bit off so I will start on it again tomorrow.
I did call in sick for my PM bus run to go to the doctor - much to the chagrin of The Evil Slave Driver. They will be pleased that the anti-inflammatory and Tylenol are working well together and I should be fit for duty in the morning.
No worries - I'll be back on the bike in a couple of days. Geez, just when I was really starting to really get the hang of riding on those rollers!!
I'm looking forward to a wonderful long weekend after which there will only be 5 more weeks of school. Can I hear an "Amen!!"?

Congrats to the Thunder Bay Weavers & Spinners Guild for a great effort in their 1st B2B! I hope that they come back again next year.
Don't forget about The Contest.

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