Sunday, February 4, 2007

Wild Weekend

I finished my Wild Thing socks - I love them!!! I feel a little like I could up & do just about anything with them on my feet. Like I wasn't impulsive enough! I cast on a pair of Opals, I'm really loving how they're starting out. I got the first 4" of stockinette knit at the Stock party last night. Not that I didn't have a good time, but you know ... What I really don't understand is why everyone was so surprised that I brought my knitting. Ah well, a few more years and maybe they'll be more used to it! I received my 1 year safe driving pin & plaque. I think that I look way too happy - musta been the knitting!!

Friday night I got sweet-talked into taking 5 kids
to see Epic Movie. What can I say? I was out-numberered.
Stoopid spoof humour.
And I use the word "humour" very loosely. Ah well, I'm sure that it was penance for some really horrible mis-deed. The upside is that I knit about 7" on the Wigwam sweater. I knit almost that much again today at Charlotte's Web - a much better movie!! - and ran out of yarn. Kristi has a skein in the mail so I will finish up the sleeve & neckband when that arrives.
I have several new projects that I'm swatching for right now. I'm very excited about the Blue Sky Alpaca Silk Shrug for Julie; the yarn is downright smooshilicious!
Elise is spoiling me too - I have 2 more projects for her using Fiesta Yarns!!

Amanda & I have started reading Bridge to Terabithia. Amanda likes reading but movies are a great motivational tool.
Amanda also went back to Pine River E.S. last week; she dec
ided that home schooling was "boring". It's hard to be exciting when I'm darting in & out to drive the bus, but we both gave it a good effort and now she knows that she prefers the variety that a teacher brings to the lessons. It was nice having her at home & really seeing her learning but I've got to admit that it's nice having my day back. And Ms. Zupancic was really happy to have Amanda back too!!

And speaking of bridges ...
I love Amanda's bridge. She's flexible like rubber! Then she had a blast flipping herself around on the rings.And when you're tired and can't don't want to get off of the mat after your handstand, the coaches are more than happy to help you off ... backwards!! Amanda did it once and it was so much fun that every girl needed help.
Her poor little arms were feeling it today!!

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