Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sunny Day - the good & the bad

It was so nice to have a sunny day that was also kind of warm. I mean, compared to -30 it's really nice to have a -5. That's a good.
anyway, the sun shining off of all reflective surfaces made me realize that there wasn't a single such surface on the bus-van. I was planning on vaccuming it & Armor All-ing it so I had the time to spare to wait in this line. It's worse than it looks - there were about 20 cars in front of me! That's a bad. I'll do the inside cleaning tomorrow. Postponing it - that's good; having to do it - that's bad.
But I had this to keep me occupied.
I know - not just airmail, but royal mail!! Her Majesty obviously recognizes the value of a Rowan Magazine and the importance of it getting to me. Rowan 41 is wonderful - I love quite a few projects! Yeah, I know, but I need to keep my options open. I might need 20 30 50 "next projects".

Other things are getting knit (that's a good) - I just haven't taken the time to lay 'em out & digitize them (that's another bad). I'll try to get on that tomorrow.

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