Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gonna Get Me Some Culture

And nothing says culture like the theatre. Ada & I are going to see the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performance at the Hummingbird Center on Saturday. I'm making my escape while the getting is good (and when I say " the getting is good" I mean while the weather is decent & Kerwyn is home) and I'll be at Ada's for dinner tomorrow night and will wear out my welcome sometime Sunday afternoon. I will earn my place on the Drunken Knitters squad by raising a glass (or several dozen) while I knit, cross stitch and chill out with Ada.

I sent off the Checkmark Shawl to Elise and the Wigwam sweater & Cowl to Kristi today. Once I got some pattern issues sorted out I made rapid progress on the Vancouver sweater. Don't be too impressed - it's a bulky knit comprised of a strand of Manos & a strand of Lana Grossa mohair.

The Silk Shrug is great bus knitting - endless stockinette stitch on 3.5mm needles.

Fiona emailed her knitters - the cover has been decided upon for her next book. Again, and fittingly, they chose something that Fiona knitted so I'm still waiting to pop my cover girl cherry. sigh

There was a fantastic snow rainbow this morning!! I may not have mentioned it but I love rainbows - real ones, not rainbow tchotchkes. Isn't it wonderful? You can just about see it all the way 'round!!

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