Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I finished the Purple Vancouver for Artisan Knitworks. I love (relatively) simple knits because they really allow the finishing details to shine. Carefully set in sleeves, cuffs with a reversed seam so that it doesn't show on the turn, paired increases and a folded neck. Simple has to be done well because there is nothing else to distract your eye.
mm - I love it!!! I hope that they are as impressed.

I am still plugging along on the Silk Shrug. That's 20" of sleeve & 16.6" of body. Only 12.4" of body, another 20" sleeve (Hmmmm, maybe I could go asymetrical & leave the 2nd sleeve off. Better not.) and a 6" ribbed ruffle picked up 'round the body. Good freakin' thing that I find stockinette so meditative.

Opal sock #1 is now sporting a heel!!

Elise's Sorroco/Water Mark pullover is coming along
nicely. Sorry, big secret = no picture. You'll just have to trust me.

But in return for you giving me that sacred trust I will give y
ou a gift. Come back tomorrow & I will show you Morrigan. Yup from No Sheep For You. The real picture, not a PhotoShop'd version. Promise.

Amanda did a cartwheel on the beam!! Not the low one 5cms off of the floor - the regulation-height one!! While the other girls moved onto the floor Amanda went back up, over and over until she stuck the landing. Okay, they
had the wide pad on the beam and it was a Jello-jiggly, but she was the only one who persevered & did it!!! Here it comes:

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