Sunday, February 25, 2007

Watching AR with Wannietta - part II

What with the Oscars on tonight tv totally sucks - thank god for AR!!

Poor Drew - altitude sickness. Did he get that the firs time 'round?
Did anyone ever say that gay men couldn't drive?
Musta missed that stereotype.
"I don't think that the car liked that." It's a poor workman who blames his tools.
LMAO!!! Kevin & Drew are a freakin' riot!!

SNAP!!! The more connecting flights that you have to take, the greater the odds of more delays.

Awww c'mon - the Beauty Queens?!? I'd almost rather see Rob & Amber winning.
Sometimes you can get too hung up on the details.
Uchenna's looking like he could spit nails.

Good man Uchenna - bite your tongue!
"Grab the bags Amber."?!? Not that I'm sexist, but still.
Hmmmm - a little dissension, trouble in paradise? The newlywed glamour is fading.
By Machine - totally!!! I can drive that.

Different kind of nuts & screwing Dustin.
Geez Mirna - she needs a step stool. I mean, unless you want to do all of the top ones by yourself. I'm sure that most of you'll need a step up to reach them.
No more than 40km/hr? Is that a rule or a suggestion?
Danny & Oswald are funny - "my manicurist ..."

C'mon Mary & David - don't ever give up!!!

Mirna & Chmirna have gone a leetle over the edge. (which is not much different than a lot over the edge once you're over it)
Valley of the Dead - is that like the Valley of the Dolls?
Son of a nut cracker -
Maybe you should drive from now on Kevin.

Poor Mary - there are alliances once in awhile but there are no friends in a race.
That's what happens when the blind lead the blind.
I don't think that Drew was really up for this Race.

Facing off against Mirna & Charla. Sounds like the name of a new show.

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