Monday, February 5, 2007

Snow Days

What a lovely surprise on a Monday morning- the wind was blowing hard enough to stir up the fallen & falling snow to dangerously low visibility levels. I shoveled the driveway, sidewalks and deck in 3 stage (and I'm sure that I'll be feeling that tomorrow) and in between rested up by knitting up a storm of my own.
The pictures that I took last night were flash harsh & way off colour so I took them again today.

I don't think that I'm giving away any big pattern secrets by showing this stretch of st st made especially lovely by Crystal Palaces' Merino Stripes.

I started a Shedir for a driver who is undergoing
chemo treatments. The office staff is paying for the yarn - they wanted it in 3 colours. I've done the ribbing in Onyx, eased into the Kiwi and will work Sour into the crown in a similar manner. Actually I won't. I tried it and it pulls in too much and it doesn't seem to be right. It took quite a bit of manipulation to get the green to appear as bright as it really is. Kiwi is actually more like lime.

Cindy from AppleLaine has sent me a box of yarn with which I will knit her a sample sweater. She must love me because it's a wonderful fun colour (I'm not especially partial to brown/gold colours. I know ... it's not for me, but still ...)
I'm really looking forward to knitting this up - doesn't it just look like it'll be a party on the needles? I think that it might be Lady Blues.

We had another snow day on Wednesday but I spent it in bed. I'm finally feeling better today, but Amanda seems to be coming down with it. She's home from school today & I'll try to keep her tucked up and resting for the weekend.
Kyle shoveled on Wednesday and will have to do it again tonight. I'm sure that he would have done it on Monday but I was feeling like a workout & he went off to play hockey & XBox with a friend.

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