Sunday, February 18, 2007

Watching AR with Wannietta - part I

Can you believe that it's finally back? Amazing Race All-Stars has a cast of teams that you may or may not remember but I'm sure that we'll all pick a favourite (and a least favourite) before the first episode is over. My early fav is Uchenna & Joyce. Go Team!!!
I've got to say though, that Rob & Amber milked their 15 minutes of fame to the last drop. The cow is dry. Enough already.
On with the show!

"You will be eliminated." What happened to "may be ...?"
Eric & Danielle have the key - pick a leader & good or bad they make the call if there's not a consensus.
Drew. Dude. If you can't run with a backpack you're pretty much screwed from the get-go.
OMG! Married life has changed Rob!

Mary has changed too. This is going to be a hard core, kick-ass Race.

Not subtle enough at all David.
A cabbie with a shortcut - sounds like trouble to me. Got lucky this time.
Quite the ego R&A have!
Right on John Vito - we've had enough of them.
Dude - you're partner is laying in the street!!!

Kevin is not very sympathetic.
"Advised to enter through the North Park." Hmmmmm. What happens if they enter through the South Park?
"Left, left, left." Let's hope that he doesn't stutter.
Oh cool - I get to find out what happens!!!
Awwwww. Poor horsies!!
I know my limits - I'm no cowgirl. Recover it.
Okay. South entrance bad.
Follow all advisories.

You never know - if you made a mistake chances are that other teams did too. And there is always the element of bad worse luck.
Driving on a rim. Bad idea. Well, it's not their car. Okay - drive on the rim.
"Don't hit any more rocks." Are you shitting me? Have you looked at the terrain?!!
Considering that they thought that they were out and that team #10 gets to race next week Kevin & Drew looked awfully disappointed.

Trust me John Vito - Phil doesn't joke about your finish.

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