Monday, July 31, 2006

Aussie in Angus

Oy Mate! Just when I thought that I'd seen 'bout everything that there was in Angus, we went walkabout on Saturday and saw this young ex-pat. He was sweet and polite and oh so very soft! And the Joey knew what he was doing - looking for a Sheila who had a chip for his snack. "What's it got in it's pocketses?"
Apparently kangaroos make good pets - quiet, loyal and trainable. Absolutely vicious claws though! Again, they can be trained t
o not attack. I absolutely refused to even consider this - and you know that the childrens asked. Kerwyn is still just tolerating Cheeky Monkey, a kangaroo would probably send him to China for good!!

Amanda was watching the Food Network
with me on Friday and Rachel Ray was making spaghetti sauce. Amanda is picky. She picks out every bit of anything from almost everything. She gets this from Kerwyn. She is disinclined to try anything new. She gets this from me. "We can make that! Can we make that tonight?" So, not one to discourage her from new experiences, we bought the ingredients that Rachel used and set to.
She saw the onions & garlic,
sauted them and put them into the tomato sauce. She sprinkled in the real parsley (from our herb garden on the deck). She rolled the meatballs and put them into the sauce.
It took some convincing to deviate from Rachel's
baked meatballs - "Rachel only has 30 minutes baby, that's the name of the show. She said that you could cook them in the sauce if you had time. Trust me. They'll be just like Rachel's" - but we ended up browning them off and cooking them for hours in the slow cooker. It was awesome! It tasted great - Amanda loved it & Kyle was very happy for a good meal after a long day at work.
I joked with Kyle after diner "If I can get you perfecting pie-making and Amanda's spaghetti sauce, I'll never have to cook again!" It got a bit of a grin out off him. Ah yes, you do see the plan. By telling him my strategy he thinks that it is not my strategy. Bwah - ha - ha!! Rookie.

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