Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Come party with me

It's actually Amy's Big Leap Party & Lettuce Knit's Big (moving) Leap party, so the more the merrier, right? I'll be there and I hope to see a lot of you there too. And since none of us look like the pictures on our blogs don't take it personally when I totally don't recognise you. Just give me a smack & a blog name.

I bought a Quesadilla maker today! I love it, the kids love it & I'm sure that Kerwyn will love it. Yup, gone again. Same time zone & continent this time. Just a day or two in Atlanta - easy peasy!! These are my chicken & cheese quesadillas - made with shredded jerk chicken that I bbq'd a couple of nights ago. Knock yourself out with the lick 'n taste thing Nick!!

Here is the picture of the sweater for Joanne. Geez, sorry 'bout the overall fuzzy suckiness of it all,
but that's all you get. I'm sure that Joanne's photographer will do a much better job (and when I say 'much better' I mean professional ) for the book.

I have started on a sweater for Elise Duvekot (which I also cannot tell you about or photograph clearly) and another Naturally Easy Raglan for Julie (which I can share). I will have to update my progress bars accordingly.

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