Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Still Twisted

And this time I mean ktbl, 1x1, 1x2, 2x1, 2x2 and just for fun some 3x2 cables. Jenna has designed an epic sweater worthy of AS Herself, but with more attention to fit and finish. Perhaps if I haven't scared you enough to send you running to the hills with discarded cable needles marking your wake, your interest will have been sufficiently piqued for Amy's upcoming No Sheep for You book. Here is a little picture of my untwisted yet twisted progress. Right now I'm on rnd 41 of 119, which will get me to the armholes (I think). The ruler is in a bit of shadow so I'll tell you that that is 7.5 cms of hard work. Good thing that I love cables!!
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Thank you all so much for your drinking with me, sharing your twisted stories and mostly for the positive vibes! Hazel suggested working a couple off rows back & forth to make the twist less likely to occur. I will definitely give that a go next time! I checked that mofo so many times before I joined it. Bloody hell - it still pisses me off. Barkeep!! The silver lining is that Roxie is inspired - let's all stay tuned to see how she works that. (Roxie - the link to your blog from your comment isn't working - FYI)

Amanda & I are going to see a student dentist on Monday. No, normally I'm not a sucker for torture for the education of others. Danielle is the daughter of a bus driver friend and is a few weeks from graduating. Nancy is just slightly less tolerant of most things than I am (I think that she may be my real mother) and she lets Danielle work on her so I am quite certain that we will be in good hands. Or rather that good hands will be in our mouths.

My baby is getting all grown up!! Kyle is now a working stiff. He is now gainfully employed at Tim Hortons.
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I am super proud and will have pictures of him in his cute 'ittle functional and handsome uniform tomorrow.

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