Tuesday, August 1, 2006

When the Goin' gets hot ...

The Hot get goin' to the beach. Actually, we went yesterday which was just as well as it was too hot today to go anywhere that was more than 5 minutes out of range of A/C. I love summer but I also love the little things that make knitting in the summer fun - a little A/C, a little tv and a little beverage. SmileyCentral.com

So, back to yesterday. We took Justin. He lives beside us and is a friend to both Amanda & Kyle, depending on what's going on. He calls Amanda "Shorty" and she likes it. Here are some pictures of them having beach fun.

I love it when I can catch Kyle before he's aware of the camera.
Amanda is so p
hotogenic and so unselfconcious in front of the camera that I could take pictures of her all day.

There is nothing like a beach for People Watching. When you're sitting there knitting and keeping an eye on the water to make sure that the 3 heads belonging to your charges keep bobbing up, others don't give you much more than an amused cursory glance.

These 3 young men were quite obviously on the prowl. I watched them walking from a ways up the beach, strolling casually (carrying no towels, chairs or other encumbrances) laughing and casting about for, oh I don't know ... if I had to hazard a guess ... hotties? Lo and behold 3 yound ladies were just settling in a stones' throw away. The young men stopped, subtly checked them out and must have liked what they saw because they took off their shirts (there were some practiced flexes in this seemingly innocent move) and hit the waves.
The girls were much less obvious in there assessing or they didn't care for what they saw because they made no indication that they were interested.
I would have loved to see how this dance ended but it was getting late and we were getting ready to go.

I am really getting into a rythym with Jenna's sweater but it really wasn't beach knitting so I took Elise's sweater. I met with Joanne today and she was very pleased with her KidSilk Haze wrap. Speaking of Rowan, Julie has some preview pics of the latest Rowan Magazine on her blog. Again with the interesting layouts but I think that there are some great sweaters to be knit out of this one. Mr. Postman, bring me a Rowan. What do you think?

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