Sunday, July 2, 2006

Check my Back

Do I have like a big ol' "kick me" sign on my back? Would you tell me if I did? Can we stop the merry-go-round - I'm getting dizzy.

I have this skill. It's not very marketable, but it's a ski
ll nonetheless. I break things. Right out of the box, no physical damage apparent but it's all busted up. Yup. Étienne is back in his box and off to get repaired. The tech support guy sid that his mother*f*board is corrupted or something. I swear, I was gentle with him and didn't upload any lewd photos or anything!! This is me taking a picture of my reflection in Étienne's screen. It should not be a black, mirror-like surface when the light is on. But it is. The good news is that the Linksys wireless router is up & transmitting invisible signals all over the house so that when he comes back to me Étienne will be able to tap in log me on to the www. from all over.
Yes, I named my laptop. Ya wanna make s
omethin' of it? I mean, I couldn't just go around saying 'the laptop' forever, all impersonal and cold like. He's going to work very closely with me and I think I owe him at least a name.

When I went for my acupuncture treatment on Friday, I saw these. Now, I'm sure that they are little covers for some sort of machine or something but they just made me think of condoms for an "iny weeny teeny weeny shriveled little short dick man." LMAO

Amanda was waiting for Kerwy
n to wake up Friday morning so that she could give him his 'welcome home' presents. Kerwyn brought home a jade bracelet for Amanda & I and Kyle now has a couple of leather cuffs (men don't wear bracelets).

Yesterday Amanda & I went strawberry picking. I almost never buy strawberries from a store and I certainly never buy them imported. I'm sorry but there is nothing that can compare to fresh, locally grown strawberries (or most other fruit for that matter). I have been spoiled by Springridge while we lived in Milton and I thought that I would never find such great patche
s again. Barrie Hill Farms fills the bill quite nicely. The strawberries were awesome, the raspberries are starting to pink up and their blueberry bushes are rich with berries that should be ready come the end of July. On impulse we also picked peas. Amanda was very keen and shelled them when we got back home. Kyle & I helped some, but Amanda worked on them all the way to the end. MMMMMMMMM - fresh peas, steamed just enough to change the colour, lightly salted & buttered generously.
I didn't realize that anyone paid attention to my progress bars until Joanne emailed me and asked about her sweater. I was only at 5% and she wanted to make sure that there wasn't a problem. We're moving right along, full steam ahead Joanne!!! (maybe I'll have a nice useless picture for y'all tomorrow)


  1. "finger cots"...the teeny condom things. I first encountered them when I was auditing a company that made lightbulbs. (your fingers have to be superclean when handling filaments)...but yeah, the other auditor and I had a lot of fun describing them lucky guy who could have used them as prophylactics. (who says accountants have no sense of humour)

    btw, your daughter Amanda is lovely!

  2. Hey, if you get way up north you should try Becker's Berry Patch, and come fall they have AWESOME apples & pumpkins!! All sorts of yummy stuff!!
    Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

  3. Heehee I named my laptop too! I spend so much time with mine it's like a child anyway. I'm glad your hubby is back - hope you're enjoying the long weekend.

  4. chelle - I knew that they had to have a name!

    I haven't explained the name thing to Kerwyn yet. Not that he doesn't know about most of my idiosycrasies, but some things just sound weird (and when I say "weird" I mean sleeveless jacket weird) when you try to explain them.

    Thanks for the comments about Amanda - she is just so photogenic!

  5. Ha HA..... baby condoms!