Thursday, July 13, 2006

Is it Today already?

blinking ... rubbing eyes ... looks at the calendar, checks the alignment of the stars and gives her head a shake

I swear, in my corner of the world only 2 days have passed since my last post. But by the Gregorian calendar (that has never let me down yet) it has been a week. Whoa!!! Here are the highlights:

- Étienne has come back to me and after much swearing, alcohol and time he is up to speed. Bill Gates would be well advised to invent a "Simple Transfer" - link or button, I'm flexible on that. It should go something like this. "Andrew, this is Étienne; he is your replacement younger brother. He has the same parents manufacturer and operating system. Please teach him everything that I have taught you." Is there any amount of money that you would not pay for this kind of networking love?
smiley Title

- Picked blackberries and made pie. Including the pie crust. I sent Kyle to buy pie crusts and he comes home with a pie crust mix. sigh (Well, if you know me you know that there is no way that I just sighed. The rest of you can just pretend that I just sighed until you get to know me better.) It turned out very well, even if I do say so myself. Judge for yourselves - doesn't it look light & flaky? We went to the Tree Seed Plant in Angus where I parked the school bus. Amanda & I made a note of the berry plants and decided to check it out. We asked permission at the office - they were very kind in allowing us free range and we scored!! Almost a 4L basket full of blackberries. Weplan on going again a few more times to get more as they ripen. Poor Amanda wasn't really dressed for picking and she was feeling quite bitten and scratched. We went picing after she & Kaylie were done with a reading group activity at the library; Amanda wanted to look nice. Mission Accomplished. The pie was just the medicine that she needed. I was lucky to get a picture of the last 2 pieces before they disappeared.

- I am also knitting. Joanne's sweater is almost done. I started the Naturally Easy Raglan II while Kerwyn & I watched Superman Returns. A k5, p4 ribbing is not easy to keep track of in the dark and it is especially complicated when Brandon Routh is so freakin' handsome & distracting!! I look forward to seeing him more - he has several more Superman movies in him I'm sure. Elise's sweater is well underway as well.
No one has any cause for alarm. Except maybe Jenna, and even then only mild concern. smiley Title

And you're all still welcome to Come Butterfly Along with Me.

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