Thursday, July 20, 2006

Progress & Distractions

Having minions worked out not so bad. Amanda & Kaylie really got into it & nearly damaged themselves running at the sound of the bell. Well, how else were they to know that I needed wanted them? Even Kyle came and did my bidding with a smile. We enjoyed this experience and will institute it again.
Joanne's sweater is done & I'm hardcore into Jenna's. Went blueberry & raspberry picking, made children blueberry pancakes for breakfast and froze the rest. The minions children had fun (no, really!)putting sour cherries into jars for freezing.

No money for a vacation? Voyeuristic tendencies need assuaging without the associated arrest record? Check this out.
I really like the beluga & shark tanks.

When I was a kid and we were on a road trip we would play "That's my Herd". We'd call a cattle herd that we saw and roughly calculate the number. Less boring than "Punchbuggy" when you're driving through cattle country. Anyway, I found this and it's my new herd. Which one is your favourite? And I will need to buy a sheep dog, because if they were to decide to bolt I have discovered that I suck at stopping them. You have got to be able to do better!

Just a quick post - gotta get back to work or else I'm going to be up shit creek without a raft or a paddle!! Yuck

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