Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My River Runneth Over

Finally finished! I used smaller needles (5mm) so I added a number of repeats to make it long enough for me to consider it a stole. I think it is 17 repeats in addition to the beginning and ending pattern. It took a bit more than 2 balls, but totally worth it! I also changed it to be St. st instead of garter and made the left-slanting decreases ssk (instead of k2tog). I am very pleased with this stole.

Here is a blurry picture of the Wrap Jacket - I am willing to blame the fuzziness of the picture on the angora
in the yarn and the light colour of the yarn. Perhaps tomorrow I will take a picture outside and Mother Nature will help us all out with better lighting. For now it will suffice.
OOPS alert! I have found a small error in the numbers. For the largest size, after increasing 29 sts at the lower edge I have 130 sts on the needle instead of the called-for 132. I did the math on paper just to be sure, but I did not increase wrong. They did work the numbers out so that after the neck shaping my stitches will match what is called for in the pattern.


  1. Your stole is lovely! Wonderful colour.

  2. Your stole is beautiful. I agree with Michelle...great colour!

  3. The stole looks great.
    Can you keep track of the errors in the Naturally pattern? I will forward to them-they are publishing the pattern.