Thursday, October 6, 2005

Game On!!

The CSNF is coming in a couple of weeks so I am back in training!! Bev and Nancy (in the green) are fellow drivers who arrive early in our mission to be at the front of the line and are coaching, timing and encouraging me in my quest for @1fastest knitter.
No, they're not laughing at me, they're laughing with me!!
More tomorrow about various progresses made - gotta go watch Survivor!


  1. Wannietta! When will you be at the CSNS for the competition? I want to be there to witness the clash of knitting needles!

    Anne F in Milton -- Milton's not the same without you! (very big grin here)

  2. I'll be down on the Saturday & Sunday!! Even if I don't win the whole enchilada, I want 1 day with my name on it. lol

    And as much as I love my house and Angus, it's going to take awhile to stop missing about everyone that I've left behind. Thank goodness for the internet - it makes staying in touch so much easier!

  3. I'll probably be there on Friday - Pooh! Maybe I'll come on Sunday too -- I'll look for you at the contest site!