Friday, October 7, 2005

Gimme the Details girlfriend!

The Pansy Swing Sak is almost done. Amanda thought that she could sneak away with it - even though it's not quite done.
"Why not just finish the bottom Wannietta? A few more rounds and it's no longer a UFO - or is the unfinished, needles-sticking-out a new style that you are trying to make popular for knitters worldwide?"
Silly of me to think that you wouldn't notice when we all play the
game of OOPS (One Out of Place Stitch - find it!)with every knitting magazine and book we see.
I ran out of yarn. sigh So close to the end ... but isn't that always the way. As this was a kit it was out of my hands - it's not like I turned down that extra ball at the LYS counter "No, it's okay, I'm sure that I'll have enough". {I suffer from acute, crippling, turn-around-in-little-circles, obsessive/compulsive searching, curl-up-in-the-fetal-position-and-whimper Yarn Shortage Anxiety and can assure you that I always buy an extra ball.} So after a good stiff drink I pulled myself together sufficiently to email the manufacturer - L B Evans - and explain my situation. Lisa was terrific - apologetic and sympathetic - and offered to find and send me out more yarn. If not a whole ball then enough of a part ball to finish off the bottom. As the yarn used - Rowan Polar - is discontinued I appreciate her efforts even more.
I am not entirely without options here. I could throw mysel
f upon the kindness of my 1000 closest knitting friends and with the stealth of a ninja ... beg their aid and the indulgence of their stashes. In the unlikely event that the worldwide supply of Red Hot Polar has been depleted and knit into extinction, I could even finish the bottom with pink or green (shudder). Or cast it off as is and block it longer. But these are options of a last resort - Lisa will come through for me. Here is a close-up of the sewing-on. It took a few tries to get an edge neat enough.

I found this yellow Opal sock that I had started at my sons grade 8 graduation. I have decided to call it Sunshine.
(Okay, I know it's like calling your white cat Snowball, but it works!) I wasn't going to start another plain sock before I did something fancier with the Lorna's Laces that Sandy is sending, but they were already started. I have had a stern conversation with myself and I was quite clear that these need to be finished before I start with a more exciting new and interesting yarn & pattern. I am almost done the 1st one, so it shouldn't be an unbearable burden.

I would like to introduce you to River. I found her through the KAL button on some of the blogs that I read and was caught hook, line and sinker. She is knit in Kidsilk Spray, Regal colourway. I thought that I had cast on loosely enough but River is threatening to crack the dam. I may just rip it out and do a provisional cast on then cast off with a *k1, yo, cast off* to give it some extra give. I also changed the k2togs that are supposed to be left-slanting to ssks. Using the wisdom of those who went before me I started on 5mm needles (instead of the called for 7mm) and I do like the fabric - which I also adjusted to be stockinette instead of garter. Maybe I should re-name the pattern Tributary? lol

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