Monday, October 3, 2005

Let's catch up

After a hellish crazy-busy, non-stop errands and work weekend, I have some wonderful FO's to share with you. The biggest:

Kerwyn actually had neighbours stopping by on their way past to compliment him on the colour and how nice it looks now. One woman even asked if he would mind telling him the name of the colour & could she use it too. We are very pleased. Sunday morning I asked Kerwyn to paint the screws - it was driving me crazy to see the silver screw heads - and my sweetie did it with a smile.

Then there is the Yarn Room:

Everything that was in the living room fit in just great! There needs to be some finessing of the arrangements on the yarn shelf so that it's more intuitive and organized. While I did do some sorting, I was more concerned with getting the yarn out of the boxes and into the room. Mission accomplished!! I do have to get one more shelf for my x-stitching and beading things and put the sewing machine in the cabinet, but the basics have been handled. We can now start enjoying the house and what we've done with it.
The lovely Flamingo socks were completed and are seen here sunning in the foliage on the deck. And again (as with the Green Opals) they have knitted up remarkably identical with no deliberate effort. Please don't hate me for this - I'm sure that if I wanted identical socks that I would not be able to do so for love or money.

Here is my new WIP. Not that I had forgotten about it, but 'out of sight, out of mind'. I was so happy to see it during the unpacking that I started it as soon as we had cleared away the dishes & leftovers from our company.
Aside - what a great day it was yesterday for lunch & drinks (knitting goes without saying) on the deck!! I am doing it on straights because I don't know how to do intarsia in the round and the pattern makes no special notes to address this. This is also going to be a rare knap-sack/purse as it uses Rowan Polar - now discontinued.

And my friend Ada told us the story of her brush intimate encounter with fame. At the recent Toronto International Film Festival, she and a friend were waiting to go in. Pierce Brosnan was coming by - head down, signing autographs quickly and efficiently like celebrities do - and he was heading towards them. When he gets to them, he looks up and takes Ada's friends' hand and holds it while he looks her in the eyes. Long moments pass and Ada fights the urge to push the friend away. Then Pierce turns to Ada, takes her hand, holds it with both of his and looks her in the eyes. Now Ada is not a celebrity stalker or prone to swooning, but these were the longest moments of her life! I do not tire of hearing this story and have nearly convinced myself that it was me standing there, being held by Pierce and if I repeat the story to myself one more time I'm sure that there will have been whispered endearments.
Deep calming breath
Thanks for sitting with me - I'm glad we've gotten together finally. Let's not let it be so long next time!

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  1. I can still see the crinkle in his eyes as he smiled at me and I could really feel the warmth. I think the world stopped for a few seconds. What a darling man!