Monday, October 10, 2005

A Winning Weekend

A couple of weeks ago when Amanda & I were at M&M Meat Shops, on Amanda's suggestion I bought some tickets for a turkey dinner. At 3 for a $1, and with a toonie in my pocket, I bought 6. Amanda was very excited, certain of victory with so many tickets in our name. The proceeds were going to the Crohn's and Colitis Fdn of Cda so I explained to Amanda something of odds based on entries and that we were helping a charity regardless. The little darling nodded and started in again about winning! lol On Saturday Amanda & I picked up the turkey dinner that we won. Cheryl was a bit shy, but seeing how excited Amanda was she quickly got into the spirit of things and smiled for the picture.
Despite this piece of good fortune, I have been having that "something's missing" feeling all weekend. Sure enough, when I ask Amanda if she checked the mail on Friday it turns out that she did not. In her excitement at having a sleepover, all thought of incoming communication from the outside world was forgotten. I double-timed it over to the mail box and sure enough - the weather picture yarn from Sandy was sitting in there. I have not opened it yet. I am seeing my friend Ada next weekend and not that I won't be excited every time I look at the yarn, but there is a special thrill in opening a gift for the first time and that thrill is multiplied exponentially by the presence of friends. (T x F)². (Adjust the exponent to reflect the number of friends)

And excellent progress has been made on Amanda's Hoodie (no picture as yet) and the Sunshine socks - see sidebar.

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  1. You haven't opened it yet? :) You're good!