Monday, September 5, 2005

Everything but knitting

I can't believe that it's been almost a week! Picking up my bus, sorting out all of the paperwork that comes with a new job and new routes, setting up for someone to go out with me on the run because I can't make heads or tails out of the route sheet & map, wretched children getting all antsy and taking a nap because "the allergies" (Kyle always referred to his seasonal allergies like that when he was little and it's stuck) have sucked the energy out of me.

Friday was more of the same.

Saturday ... shopping for hot tub chemicals. The house came with a hot tub and you would think that that was a plus. Never having owned or needed to care for a spa or pool this is a whole new world {imagine impending doom music} of SCIENCE!!!!! Not that I did poorly in chemistry, but it wasn't my favourite subject either. And of course, even though the first store that I went to - Jacuzzi Hot Tubs - Hans took the time to explain everything very thoroughly and not treat me like the village idiot when my face went blank (and I think I actually said "huh?") I felt the need to go to another store or two, just to check prices and such. Big waste of time. Then we (oh yes, I had Kyle with me) went to Rona to pick up paint for the garage, front door and shutters (a lovely colour called "New Jeans") and stain for the back deck. Then a couple of stops at different grocery stores for the sale items and to pick up a dresser for under my hutch.
I have had this hutch for a very long time. It was a sample piece from Sklar Peppler that my father scooped for a great price. We have had it on the bedroom dresser in the bedroom of our apartment because there was no other place for it. Now that we have a dining room it only seemed appropriate to put it there ... except we have no buffet to put under it. Now, I had no illusions that I was going to find the perfect buffet in a matching wood - especially not for under $300 - but it had to at least be big enough (18"D x 66"W x 24-30"H) and not look stupid. Easier said than done. They just don't make hutches/buffets that big anymore. I finally found this dresser that doesn't look too "dressery" and even with a very different wood doesn't look stupid (it's very difficult to define that, the parameters for "stupid" are always shifting). The picture doesn't seem to want to upload (POS).

Sunday was going back to Rona to get the primer for the shutters (oops - forgot) extra brushes for staining (just in case we could Tom Sawyer the kids into helping and string (for tying together cardboard for recycle pick-up (they are Nazis about it - I swear they actually haul out a tape measure to measure the stacks to make sure that they are no bigger than the requisite 30" x 30" x 8" and that you are using a recyclable binder to tie them. I know it's important, but geez!). I also made a quick stop at Costco, Canadian Tire and the LCBO. Then after unpacking all of the grocery and beverages, cutting the bagels, bagging them individually and putting them in the freezer (I spoil these children), I started on the deck.

Kerwyn has not been idle while I've been doing all of this running around. He assembled the buffet/dresser, power washed the deck and garage door, painted the garage door and drained the hot tub (well it drained itself, but he set it up). Here is a shot of the icky, old, wore-out grey looking deck and the lovely, new, Redwood-stained deck.

Well, I don't know if it's Blogger or me but the pictures are showing up today so I've added them through Picasa.

On the knitting front, I did finish & attach 1 sleeve to the 2nd Naturally sweater. Pictures will be coming!

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