Saturday, September 17, 2005

Darwin comes to mind; Progress

Sometimes I despair for the future when I see the children. Driving home last night (on the bus) one of the students tied his hood totally closed. A quarter-sized hole to see/breathe out of. And because that was so funny he tied the string around the neck of the hood (so that he couldn't just take the whole thing off over his head) then started tying knots. That he couldn't undo. Justin's not in KG or grade 3 or even grade 5. Grade 9!! sigh I offered him scissors but he didn't want to cut the string. Out comes the needle case and I give a large tapestry needle to Vance (goth-dresser and one of the nicest children on my high school run) to help Justin. Mercifully Vance successfully undid Justin. I wonder which one is the fittest and how the rest will survive?

The green Opal sock is coming along great - and an hour and a half at gymnastics today should give it a real boost. If you haven't voted on the next colour yet do it now! And we all know that every vote matters.

Here is how my Rowan sweater is coming along - I'm very pleased! It's a bit dark to see the cable, but it's fitting nicely. The second sleeve is knit and I'll be attaching it tonight and hopefully finishing the neck edging that goes around the back of the neck. Then it is just the lovely KSH frills/cuffs - I'm saving the most exciting for the last!

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