Saturday, September 24, 2005

Flamingo-ing along; Nemesis

Here is a pic of Flamingo in its as-close-to-natural habitat as it's going to get in these parts. This pair is going to be for Amanda and she's loving them! I got quite a bit done yesterday as she was home sick so I didn't drive ... there goes the attendance bonus. sigh Although I think it's better to lose it now than one month before the school year is up. At least now I don't have to think about it.

I also spent much time yesterday and today painting the shutters for the house. And by
painting I mean priming, a 1st coat and then a 2nd coat. They look great though & Amanda helped out a bit today with the last of the priming.

Michelle ... great minds think alike! I have been thinking that I would like to do a more than just a stockinette stitch sock. These wonderful sock yarns have lulled me into a lazy sock knitter. I really like the socks that Grumperina received in her Sockpal2za package. Something a bit lacy perhaps. Any suggestions?

The Faster Knitter time trials - and I do mean trials - were held at the spring CSNF in Toronto. I believe - and please correct me if I'm wrong - that the TKGA held such an event as did a needlework show in the UK. They were all held with the same needle/yarn/stitch count parameters.
Linda Benne is my Nemesis. She beat me. She always beats me. I hate respect her and consider her a seriously worthy opponent. It was truly a clash of knitting titans and we went back and forth for the entire day. Then Linda went to warp and laid down a stupid speed that I just couldn't get to.
I console myself that it really is only because of me that she was able to knit so fast ... and there is nothing wrong with 2nd place. The British winner was faster even than Linda, so 3rd place in the World Knitting Olympics is quite alright.

I just wish that there was an actual medal involved here. sigh


  1. That Flamingo colorway is so pretty! I really like that whole Rainforest line.

  2. Knitting plain basic socks doesn't make us lazy knitter's...just process knitter's. [g]

    I really love my Lacy Scallops socks that I made recently using Opal Petticoat.

    Though Grumperina's new socks are great.

    Decisions, decisions. [g]