Monday, September 12, 2005

New Rowan Sweater

So I couldn't wait to start on the new sweater!! I decided to do it in the round up to the armholes - despite my aversion to circulars - to steer away from the bulk in the seams. I also did a provisional cast on to make it simpler to pick up 3 sts in 1 when I knit the bottom bit in the KSH.

Isn't Brian handsome? And he's not flirting with you ladies - it's a squint because the sun was blazing down right into his face. But he wore the chunky wool sweater on a gorgeous hot day with a smile on his face. And before you all write to find out his vitals - he is married to my friend Jocelyn (and she knits for him so Brian is well cared for).

The Allergies have me utterly wiped out. I might even enjoy the laying around more if my ears didn't ache all the way into my throat which feels like I've been swallowing shards of glass and my sinuses weren't so stuffed. Then there are the fits of sneezing, eye rubbing and nose blowing. I pray earnestly and often for a week of hard frost.

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