Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Odds of a miracle

Regrettably very little knitting has been accomplished. sigh I have been very busy the last couple of days with painting. The Yarn Room has 2 coats of a very pale blue on the walls. I will be putting on the 1st coat of the trim (a very light blue) in the knitting room, then the 2nd coat of paint on the last batch of shutters. Tomorrow (after a meeting with the GM of the local Toyota dealership about the astonishingly incompetent service - but that's another whole blog!) I can put on the 2nd coat of trim paint in the Yarn Room. Why the need for a miracle you ask?
How am I going to get all of this (it's one pile - I needed to view pics for you to get the scope of it) in a room 2¾ x 3 meters (9' x 9¾')? I know - it blows my mind too if I think about it for too long. Fortunately I'm very good at denial , but even that is only good for so long.
We have company coming on Sunday, so miracle or no we'll know by then how this pans out.
I am not without certain skills, though, that weigh in my favour. We moved from a two bedroom apartment into this 3 bedroom house and - with very little additional furniture required - it's comfortably furnished.
I haven't seen it on a Pokemon card) and the more developed the proficiency of the AFRM (Ability to Find Room for More) the less planning & forethought is required and the knitter can be a master of spontaneity.


  1. I would loooove to have the problem of too much yarn and too little storage. Problem is that DH would definitely notice if there was that much yarn in the house and he would not approve. Sigh.

  2. Wannietta! You have a blog!

    Congratulations -- now I can peek in at your new life in Angus!

    Your yarn room sounds great -- love blue!