Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Finally finished, but then what?

Finished the red Naturally cardigan and it fits nicely on someone a bit smaller than the sizing indicates. Poor Brandi doesn't look hot and bothered at all - it was quite warm and then there was the adjusting of the sweater and "just hold it together at the front" because there are no buttons on it yet.

I took my turn - grinning and bearing
it while Amanda took several pictures trying to not totally whack off my head or lose an entire sleeve. At least we can view, delete and retake pictures without days flying by and multiple trips to some store for prints.
Amanda really is quite good and I'm fortunate to have her help, for otherwise I'd have to set up the tripod & figure out the timer.

And my friend Ada made the trip to my house. Even though her kitchen is be
ing renovated - well maybe "totally gutted and then, only after relentlessly micro-managing professional, grown-up, well-paid men is being put back together with excrutiating slowness" is a more apt description - Ada took the time to go down to Lettuce Knit and pick up some Lorna's Laces and Opal (from the new Rainforest collection) for me. I HATE THEM ALL!!! I put them away and out of my sight because they whisper and giggle, torturing me with their sweet promises of fun, colourful adventures and a perfect fit. Even poor SpongeBob is just about bursting out of his Square Pants at the thought of being able to carry these new treasures. He has not been of any help whatsoever in making a decision about which one should be next.
"What do you think SpongeBob?"
"That one! No ... wait ... the fishy one!! But ... Hawaii is like home ... But I like them ALLLLL!!"
See what I mean?
Anyway, I finished one green Opal sock yesterday and I find that the 2nd one seems to go faster. I am quite adamant that this pair gets finished and am determined not to waiver on this point. That gives me some time to ... hey, why don't you all let me know what you think? I mean, it's not like you can make a bad choice. I just need help making the decision. SO please leave a comment or email me with your choice!
  • Opal Tiger
  • Opal Flamingo
  • LL Hawaii (blue/green/white)
  • LL Purple Club
  • Opal Tropical Fish (purple/yellow)
Okay then. I will be working diligently on the garter stitch Naturally pullover for Julie. I am almost done the front, so even as endless garter stitch seems I should be able to make short shrift of a couple of sleeves. Especially when the US Open is on TV for hours at a time and this is a long weekend.
And then ... well, that is always subject to change. Stay tuned.

Oh yeah - great news! I got the bus run!! It's a load off of my mind - it's just a high school in the morning so I will have plenty of time to drop Amanda off at her school. I will have to work something out for the afternoon, but I have a few days and that should be easier.


  1. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Opal Flamingo!!!!

  2. I have a work-related aversion to purple (former boss's favorite color...), so I say Tiger or Flamingo!

  3. Opal Tiger!!!
    Opal Tiger!!!
    Opal Tiger!!!

    Uh yea so my suggestion would be Opal Tiger ;-) (although as you mentioned, there is no "bad" choice here - whichever one you decide, you'll have a fun knit in your hands!)

    LOVE the sweaters too BTW =)

  4. Carol4:03 PM

    I'd go for the LL purple club, but then I'm partial to blue and purple. If one of the Opals, I'd go for the fish!

  5. Louise in Maryland4:22 PM

    Sponge Bob unfortunately, doesn't know squat about sock yarns. He only has nautical knowledge.

    Go for the purple. Then do all the others, real fast, right in a row. And some sweaters.

  6. knittinannie5:08 PM

    The LL purple club..I'm conservative!

  7. I agree, Opal Flamingo!!!

  8. Tammy in Oregon11:13 AM

    Ohh, pretty pretty, I think the Flamingo, but maybe the purple, hmm, I'm not much help am I.

  9. LL Hawaii - definitely!

  10. OOo, the Lorna or the Tiger? Who am I kidding, I can't make a choice either. Coin toss says go with LL Purple Club.

  11. Opal Tiger is the one I'd choose. I like your sweaters too!
    Mary Anne

  12. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Hawaii-because then you can have fun word when it is sub-zero and really dark and you do your circle check you can smile and think your feet are in Hawaii!