Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thursday already! The good news is that the green Opal socks are done.
Now, I am not a stickler for identical socks. The second one gets started with wherever I left off on the ball. These started out that way. But then they skipped a bit of light green and lined themselves up nearly perfectly all the way to the toes. There didn’t appear to be any knot or irregularity in the yarn. I’m sure that this would have really annoyed someone who was actually trying to make the socks identical. Here is a closer look at the transformation point.

What’s next? Drum roll please!
And because she asked so sweetly (and she hasn’t had a handknit in a while) these are for Amanda. I am loving knitting with this colourway. Amanda is feeling a bit under the weather today – allergy-aggravated asthma and snuffling up too much phlegm, but seeing her SIP made her feel a bit better.

My Rowan Big Wool sweater is done ~ I am just blocking out the edges. Pictures will be ready tonight or tomorrow.

And a picture of the western sky as seen from my back deck in Angus at 9:15AM for Sandy. We are expecting some rain and perhaps a thunderstorm later so there may be more interesting sky pictures to come.

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