Friday, September 23, 2005

Good morning skies

Thanks to Sandy, I'm paying more attention to the skies these days and for my trouble I am blessed with these lovely pics.
The 1st picture is looking eastward (from in front of my house) @ 6:09AM. The 2nd is also eastward @7:25 and the last picture is also 7:25AM but looking westward. I don't often consider having to get up at 5:30 a good thing, but when you can get views like these it puts a positive spin on it. I am thinking of the people in the path of the oncoming Hurricane Rita and I pray for their safety and health.


I didn't have anyone to (wo)man the camera so it's just on a hanger, but you can get a sense of the loveliness of it!! It does hit my hips in the same place as it does on the model (Fall VK) but it looks less flattering on me - lol. The ruffle is nice and light though so I think that with the proper skirt & heels my assets will divert attention from this small detail. The KSS pooled a bit in the ruffle, but not irritatingly so. I love how airy it is - the wind teased it a bit blurring it in the picture so I can imagine wearing it and having an understated a very understated Marilyn-esque moment. Okay - you try to come up with a sexy-feeling thought to go with a bulky-knit sweater!

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  1. You won the GOLD HILL yarn, Wanietta! Congrats! Send me your address!